Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shhhh!!! They're Reading!

when i first started Ryan's Building Blocks i planned it just to be an outlet for church lessons and putting it together with my life. but dude, this thing evolved. who knew this blog would become like a diary of sorts. like i wrote about tadpole, thoughts, bad days, good days, random stuff, and did i mention tadpole? lol.

but what i forgot about this thing is that its public! haha. like a friend told me today that their catch phrase was said at lifeteen showing that people read blogs that we dont even know. and it got me thinking. who is reading my blog? i mean i got my stalkers on the left hand corner of your screen, but who the hell is viewing my blog that i dont know of?

for one thing i know that a teacher read my blog. a teacher i extremely dislike>__< and so did my friends who dont have a blog but love me. lol. but through this blog a lot of people figured me out and certainly found out who tadpole was. but...this blog has helped me open up a lot more. and its about time people start unfolding this puzzle huh. so to all the people who read my blogs under or above the radar, thanks. good to know you guys love me enough to read about me and somewhat care!? haha.

so no tresspassing because the blocks are piling up. -Ryan:]

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