Monday, October 27, 2008

So Last Night

we finally had our so you think you can love reunion. and i loved it. it really brought back my spiritual high that was goin away. and i was soooooo happy to see PUSH, all my friends, core, and C7. Even though we officially died last night. haha:[
but we got to talk and tell jokes about how some monkey who died and some women who ordered 2 cheeseburgers, 3 large french fries, and a diet coke to watch her weight. HILARIOUS!!!!
but before that i couldnt get something out of my mind. but i pushed it aside for the better of me.
so i went home and i did my hw. and i decide to ask one of my best friends kim for her AIM. and we talked. like a forreal talk. like how i have with jeff, other kim, and soon to be anthony. haha. but we talked.
and soon those feelings i had at mass came back when we talked. about a certain tadpole. she asked me the question that nobody has ever asked me, "if i was in LOVE with tadpole." i sat in my chair for like a minute and stared at the screen. nobody ever asked me if i was in love.
so i sat there. and i thought to myself that i cant be infatuated. theres a difference. i couldnt stop thinking that i was in love with tadpole. because i was. and it was like wow, how can it be.
but i was like maybe im not hallucinating u know. so i shut off my computer walked to my room and thought how a night that started off so great ended in tears. how bitter sweet. so another block on the tower. i wish i could tell the tadpole once and for all...
next thing u know i get on myspace and my sponsor says we have to talk about this. so lets go build blocks anthony. haha.

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Keem :3 said...

aww i'm your bess fwend. :3